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Arte Botanica is a premier landscape design and installation firm based in Los Angeles.

We will create a design for your outdoor spaces that reflects your vision for your home whether your style is traditional, modern minimalist, or anything in between.

We use organic methods to create a beautiful, healthy and welcoming outdoor environment. Our philosophy is simple: selecting plants that are appropriate for our region and the particular site; using compost, mulch and natural compounds to support a healthy garden instead of using harsh chemicals; incorporating native plants that provide food and habitat for other native species such as butterflies, birds and bees; and installing efficient irrigation methods.

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Our Design Approach


Our starting point begins with understanding the physical site, the architecture and the project elements, as developed with the client. Careful consideration is given to spatial planning, program, aesthetic, climate, site conditions, sustainability and maintenance. We offer comprehensive services for design and installation of our projects to ensure execution of the design intent and guarantee the best possible result.


Water-wise Plants

This portfolio illustrates some of the varied water-wise plants Arte Botanica uses for clients. And if you feel inspired to get in touch with us about a project of your own, we would be delighted to hear from you.

My goal when designing a garden is to create a sanctuary reflecting specific personality of each home and its occupants and also create an inviting garden for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and beneficial insects.
— Founder, Arte Botanica

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